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Please select the type s of transformation in this chapter: Dana came over and kissed Becky, then James. Japanese rope fetish. After further careful observation, I can't help but think that there is a hidden philosophical theme that Groblek has intentionally or not worked into this deviation, which I consider to be his magnum opus though "Hospital un birth" on his Eka's Portal site comes close.

No comments Previous Polls. Age regression unbirth. Support me on Patreon. DamianKaiser Featured By Owner Feb 14, What's up with Amelia and Billy's Lamia?

Read Later by zaneyman Amy's Story - part 1 Amy laid back as the contractions worsened. Young blowjob gallery. Calling out the baby's head crowned spreading her lips then emerged fully, she held the head as she laid back and spread her legs as far as she could to prepare herself for the rest of the body. My wife Elysa tells me he leaves for work early each morning, and when he returns home late in the afternoon, he can be seen sweeping the front porch, taking the laundry off the clothes line, or washing the dishes.

That means you're getting into position to be born! Her belly started to get racked by waves of painful contractions, growing closer and closer together. Cast a little charm EduartBoudewijn 46 29 Literature A Forgetful Day 1 A man slowly adjusts to his new reality.

Our critics shall finally be silenced! Category Genre Rating Warning Character Language The AR Archive::

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However, rather than the fleshy, round beach ball it had been it was more of an oblong shape, her belly button jutting out boldly like the cork on a wine bottle.

Once he was done eating she simply held him and looked him over, smiling at him. Sex for meth. Her belly started to get racked by waves of painful contractions, growing closer and closer together.

I always knew I'd married a shewd negotiator. Her meat packed belly groaned and gurgled. The womb seemed to grow more spacious for a time, and James was awakened by a spinning sensation as his body floated and rotated until he was held at a new angle. Age regression unbirth. Potion thief by Mangoicy faved: FA United July Newsletter. Advertising Twitter Facebook Terms of Service Code of Conduct Acceptable Upload Policy.

Buy Art Buy Core Membership. James felt Dana shiver once, and saw her reach a hand to her belly. Leisure suit larry sexy. His home was a nice place; really befitting the importance of his job.

Dana's heartbeat slowed, and James could feel her tension release. Polyhymnos 4 Deviations Featured: I hurriedly looked up at the sky, as though to check what the weather was like, while he glanced sidelong to the driveway, as if to see if the mail had arrived.

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You're slowing down, but I think you'll end up back in diapers before you stop. She was at least happy to be giving birth in such a nice environment. I'm not a big fan of roleplay. He sat at the table, letting feed him some mashed sweet potatoes, when Dana came home from her latest appointment with her own doctor. I got to the door and turn Careful What You Wish For By: Once imprinted, globs will onl. Age regression unbirth. SnakeKingS Featured By Owner Feb 23, As the flow of milk slacked off, James felt Dana stir, cradling him and shifting him to her other breast where he nursed himself back to sleep.

I know I couldn't. Sky taking care of a client By: Dixie and Ty's mother challenged him to see how small he could get.

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