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Is it safe to put a tampon up your bum

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Put a nickel-sized amount of lube on your fingers, and apply the lube to your anus. Xxx 4 free. I love wearing women's panties, and I almost hit the floor when I found them. Is it safe to put a tampon up your bum. Why isn't it an issue in the mayor's race? Wow leh… such a gd idea, lol… save on having to buy toy since hv to use evry mnth newayz xDD Cannot do in public washroom, too loud… HAHA. I heard that some people are soaking tampons in vodka or other alcohol and then inserting them so that they can get drunk without getting the calories.

If this happens just toss the whole thing and start over. Hot male nude picture. Can you explain for guys what it is feels like to have a period and to wear a pad and a tampon. Brought to you by thought. Stone Age beer jugs dating back to the Neolithic period point to the consumption of alcohol by our prehistoric ancestors, and we know from pictographs that Egyptians were downing wine as early as 4, B. Thanks for on Terrible Real Estate Agent Photograph and Toilets: A brokerage house that specializes in a specific category of humor: Take it from a gay who discovered the wonders anal stimulation as a young teen, be nice to your bum - whether you continue inserting objects up there or not as you progress through life, the last thing you want to deal with is a really super embarrassing confession to people you would really rather not share that kind of information with.

You are worried that you might die but you ask reddit instead of going to the nearest Urgent Care or ER?

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I usually leave the tampon in there for a minimum of 3 hours, but no longer than 8 hours. Great sex positions for couples. I'm worried a tiny bit of cotton may still be in my bum. Me and my gf do sexual things like oral and fingering but we are both virgins. Ge Whiz, what would posess a men to do this anyway? AEqual parts inconsideration on his part and insecurity on your part are combining to create unnecessary drama.

Is drinking urine bad for you? Please report spam, fundraising links, and comments that are against reddiquette. Is it safe to put a tampon up your bum. In the quest to invent strategies for becoming blindingly blitzed, no group excels quite like the young. On the way home, I think about the time-honored tradition of getting wasted. I'm happy with my current girlfriend—I love her—but these panties really turn me on. Ssbbw pear sadie. They are also easier to carry due to the size only the tampon portion and the retail package is small. Does it have something to do with my prostate?

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I can, however describe what it feels like for me to wear pads and tampons, since I wear both on a regular basis. I've used tampons for years and love the feminine feeling I get inserting and wearing one.

I think it all comes down to personal aversions. Go back and see for yourself. Make sure to remove the tampon first! And, I also want people to remember that you are still at risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome TSS: Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

What do you think? Register on our site. Again refer to the pamphlet in the box. Is it safe to put a tampon up your bum. You are pushing a sphincter continuously open that should be closed; you can cause weakness in that sphincter and henceforth problems with said sphincter in the future.

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